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Oaklands Home School Agreement

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School will

• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which gives students a range of educational opportunities.
• Ensure that each student has an IEP to meet their specific learning needs.
• Provide parents with timetables and daily or weekly diaries where appropriate.
• Provide a copy of student IEP
• Send home a half termly newsletter.
• Arrange a yearly Annual Review meeting.
• Encourage independence and social skills.
• Ensure that we provide a safe, happy, respectful environment where all students are valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential.
• Deal with any concerns promptly.
• Offer support and advice when requested.
• Provide occasional training for parents on educational techniques used in school.
• Ask parents opinions in an annual questionnaire
• To liaise effectively with the multi professional team
• Provide homework if appropriate.
• Provide school information on the school website

Parents will

• Support the school aims.
• Attend parent’s evenings
• Attend Annual Review meetings.
• Ensure that school have correct up to date contact details for parents and an emergency contact
• Keep students off school when they are unwell/ collect students if they are ill at school.
• Inform school promptly of any medical appointments or reasons why students are not in school.
• Check bags and diaries for letters/communication from school.
• Return home school diaries/ sign to confirm that these have been read/ return permission slips promptly.
• Ensure pupils wear school uniform, and label all items of clothing with student’s name.

Students will

Follow school and class rules.
• Attend school regularly.
• Wear correct school uniform in Key stages 3 and 4.
• Try hard.
• Treat others with respect.
• Respect school property.
• Complete homework set (if appropriate)