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Admissions Procedures

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Many of our pupils come to Oaklands School in year 7. A number also join us in year 12 in order to attend our sixth form after having attended a different school for their secondary education. Occasionally pupils transfer to Oaklands when they move to the area or if another school they have been attending feels they would benefit from our provision.

We welcome visits from parents who would like to visit the school and discuss their child’s needs. Please contact the school to make an appointment.

Applications for places at Oaklands are not made directly by parents to the school. Applications are made through Hounslow’s SEN Department and the SEN panel.

When an application is made to the school through the SEN panel a young person’s Statement of Special Education Needs, recent reports and other relevant paperwork will be sent to the school. We will carefully assess whether we feel the school would be able to meet the young person’s needs and make a decision whether to offer a place at the school.

At Oaklands School we seek to meet the needs of the majority of pupils whose learning needs are complex and severe. Occasionally we are not able to offer a place for example if the school is full; if the young person does not have a severe learning difficulty or if the young person has challenging behaviour which presents a health and safety risk to other pupils

When a place has been offered at Oaklands

Once a place has been allocated at the school we will discuss what arrangements we need to make so that the transition to Oaklands is as smooth as possible. We will ask for details about personal care and, in some cases will need to write a medical care plan before the young person can begin attending.

The school does not arrange school transport. Parents will need to apply to Hounslow for school transport separately.