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At Oaklands we understand the importance of working as closely as possible with families. We need to share information so that we can work with our pupils effectively.  We aim to provide parents with up to date information about their child’s progress, and educational activities. We do this through

·         Home school communication books

·         Our half termly newsletter

·         Our website

·         Our Text service

Parents and family members are most welcome to telephone to speak to Teachers, Assistant Heads, the Head Teacher or the Deputy Head Teacher. Our contact details are all on this website under contacts.

Please remember that it is important that telephone calls to teachers and visits are made outside lessons times so that education can continue.

If you bring your own child to school staff will be delighted to speak to you about your child’s day. Please remember that if you would like to speak to staff it is important to arrive on time as once the school day has started they are urgently needed in class to support lessons.