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The Move Curriculum was introduced into Oaklands in July 2009. It is a movement based programme which combines therapy and education to develop the individual’s mobility skills. Each individual programme is set by the physiotherapist, the pupil and their family and the school staff. Using a goal based approach, the pupil works  towards agreed targets. These range from being able to raise and hold their head independently enabling them to view and interact with the world around them, to being able to walk using walking frames.

Who is the Move Programme suitable for?

  • The Move Programme is suitable for anyone who hasn't learn to sit, stand or walk by the age they should have done or those who have lost skills e.g. through an accident.
  • Any person who is not independently sitting, standing or walking, no matter the severity of their physical or learning disability.
  • It uses a top down functional approach, therefore no one is considered too disabled to use it. (There are some pre-existing conditions that may exclude someone from Move e.g. brittle bones. It is therefore very important to have someone with a medical background on the Move team).

Who does it?

At Oaklands the programme is implemented by the Move Cordinator, Physiotherapist, Class Teacher, family and anyone that interacts with the pupil.

What type of equipment is used?

Adapted chairs, standing frames, ordinary classroom chairs, handling belts and standing frames. Support is reduced over time.