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National autistic society Advanced status Re- accreditation

It is with great delight that I can confirm that the Autism Accreditation Award Committee have awarded Oaklands school a re-accreditation of the Advanced specialist Award.

The Committee found compelling evidence from the Accreditation report that our school is meeting the Specialist Award criteria to a high level of quality and consistency and that therefore an Advanced Award can be given.

Several specific strengths of the school were identified in the assessment report. These included:
• Oaklands School use a Total Communication approach with a range of communication systems available and used functionally by students.
• Parents report that the transition into school was highly supportive and met the needs of the students.
• The job coaching and employment opportunities for students at Oaklands are exceptional,
• Students display high levels of independence with staff standing back to enable students to carry out activities with as much self-reliance as they are able.

A full copy of the report will be posted onto our website when received. 

Oaklands School,
Gresham Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569

Oaklands School,
Woodlands Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569