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Benedict is a student with profound and multiple learning difficulties which arise from his severe epilepsy. His disability means that he needs full support for all of his personal care and in order to access any learning activities. He has to wear a helmet at all times due to his seizures and his vulnerability to hit his head.

Benedict has made huge progress in the two years that he has been with us. His ability to remain alert and to engage with sensory activities has improved enormously. Benedict’s physical movement has increased. On days when he is alert he is able to walk with support from a staff member. This is for very short distances.

Due to Benedict’s sensory needs he uses the playground equipment a lot in particular the swing which helps him to calm down when he is very alert and rocking to self-stimulate. When he is like this he is not in a state ready for learning. The swing helps to calm him down to a state where he can access his activities. Benedict also uses the trampoline, both to help him expel excess energy, but also to help with his physio-therapy and his movement in his legs.

Due to Benedict being reliant on a wheelchair, he relies on the school minibuses to help him to access places outside of the school. It is important for Benedict to access the community for his ability to learn in different environments and to have experience which he normally would not have access to. We are seeing improvements in Benedict’s ability to control his arms through our weekly visits to bowling. This is something he could not do within school.

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