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COVID-19 Information

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Important information 6/01/21

Further to the Government's announcement the school is currently closed and only open for reduced provision to vulnerable children and children of key workers. Class teachers will be in contact with individual families regarding home learning



Keeping everyone safe during the school holidays December 2020

During the first week of the school holidays it will still be very important that we let everyone know if any staff or students have developed Covid and may have been in contact with your child during the last week of term.

If your Oaklands child, or any member of your household develop symptoms at all during the first week of the school holidays please inform us by sending an e mail to:

This e mail address will be checked every day up to and including 24th December.

Please do not telephone the school to give us information. The school will be closed and there will not be anyone to answer the phone.

If any Oaklands student or member of staff develop symptoms or has a positive Covid test everyone who has been in close contact with them during the last two days of term will be informed using the text service. Please do check that you have given your current mobile phone number to school.

Returning to school

School reopens on 4th January.

If your child, or any member of your family, or anyone who has visited you over the Christmas period has developed symptoms of COVID during the school holidays please let us know. Your child will need to self isolate until 14 days after their symptoms appeared or their contact with the person who had symptoms.

Please do not send your child back to school if they should be isolating, this would place others at risk.


27th August 2020

Oaklands at Gresham Road will be fully open this September

In line with Government Announcements and our own determination to meet our students needs we will be reopening to all Oaklands students this September. The first day of term for students in High Oaks will be Thursday 3rd September.

At Oaklands we have designed lots of measures to keep our students and staff safe during the school day. Our full risk assessment is also posted here for you to see, there is also information in our last newsletter which was sent out in July.

Like many schools we will be staggering the arrival and departure times to reduce crowding in out reception area. This means that parents who bring their own children to school at Gresham Road should arrive for 9.30am. one of our pavements areas is marked for safe distancing while you wait. Please try not to arrive too early because waiting space is limited and we are sorry we will not be able to invite your children in to school until the school transport buses have been unloaded and have left. In the afternoon parents arriving to collect their children should arrive for 3.15pm, several exit doors will be marked to collect your child depending on which bubble they are in in school. We are sorry but we cannot invite parents to come inside to wait for children this term.

In school your child will spend most of the school day in their own class group. They will be part of a wider bubble, at Oaklands this will be their department (Richmond, Syon, Kew, Osterley or Crane) Children from different bubbles will not mix with each other at all in school during the school day.

Oaklands staff may be wearing face visors to protect your child, and will definitely wear medical face masks if they are helping children with personal care or when they need to be close to them for instance to help with physiotherapy, seating and repositioning. It is important for Oaklands students to see staff faces for the development of communication most of the school day.

During the Autumn term most of our lessons will be the same, and you will receive your child’s timetable as you usually do. A few lessons will be different to avoid activities which might be more risky for your child. Outings will take place in smaller groups, and we will not be using minibuses to go out as a whole class. Children who need to be held by staff in the water will not be able to swim. We hope to return to our usual systems as soon as possible when it is safe to do so.

Please be assured that our students safety is our main concern and we will do everything we can to support them as they return to school this term.


23rd September 2020

We would like to remind parents that if your child has been sent home from school or is absent due to displaying possible Covid-19 symptoms then, in line with Government guidance, they must have a Covid-19 test.

Please note that children who have had possible Covid-19 symptoms will not be able to return to school until they have had a negative test result and their symptoms are completely clear.

It is vital that these tests are booked and carried out as soon as possible and that we are informed of the results straight away. This is so that the school can take any necessary steps to assess whether other children or staff have been put at risk and to determine any action that we need to take.

If you are finding it difficult to arrange a test, then please do contact our reception team who can talk you through what you need to do to book the test.

Guidance from Public Health England has been attached below should you require any further information.

Thank you for your cooperation in supporting the school to minimise the risk to our children and staff.

December 2020

Please see the important document below containing Covid guidance for parents/ carers for the Christmas holidays.