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High Oaks Secondary


At Oaklands, we believe that all of our students will make progress and become more independent during their time with us. We place huge importance on preparing our young people for life after school, and ensure they have access to a curriculum that is relevant, functional and meaningful to them. We provide them with opportunities to ensure that they will be able to have a meaningful, successful life with as much independence as possible.

Due to the severity of our students' lifelong, complex, profound and severe learning difficulties, we are aware that they may not leave school and move into paid employment or follow a career in the traditional sense. However, all students have the right to encounter different career-related learning experiences and the opportunity to broaden their interests.

Our Career Learning in our curriculum encourages students to develop the skills required to learn about the world around them, access services and institutions in the community and enable them to have awareness of their options when they leave school. Guidance, information and support is transmitted through our multi-faceted curriculum that focusses on work-related learning and opportunities.

We have focused on building the inclusivity and effectiveness of our career education within the curriculum. To make certain we are maintaining an ambitious and accessible careers curriculum, we are consistently assessing our programme against the ‘Gatsby Benchmarks,’ by using Compass +, an online evaluation tool. We do this in partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company as we are part of the West London Careers Hub.

Careers Lead: Alexander Jones Assistant Head of Sixth Form

You can find more information about Work Experience at Oaklands under our sixth form information.  

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