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Creative homeworking

Let's Get Arty  (photos soon)

Shaving Foam Paint


•             Shaving Foam

•             Food Colouring

How to make:

1.            Squirt some shaving foam into a muffin tray or other container

2.            Add a few drops of food colouring to each

3.            Stir up and enjoy the paint

Works great for painting on windows or mirrors and can easily be cleaned off afterwards


Rough Texture Paint


•             Sand

•             Paint


How To:

1.            Measure 1 quarter cup of paint

2.            Measure 1 quarter cup of sand

3.            Mix paint and sand together into container

4.            Once the paint is used let it dry overnight and the finished piece will have a great texture to it.


Edible Finger Paint Recipe


•             2 Cups of Corn Flour

•             1 Cup of Cold Water

•             4 and a half Cups of Boiling Water

•             Liquid Food Colouring

How to:

1.            Mix the Corn Flour with the Cold Water and stir

2.            Add the boiling water and Stir

3.            Separate between Cups/ Jars/ Pots ( For different colours)

4.            Add different food colouring to individual mixtures to create colours

5.            If mixtures are too runny then add more corn flour to thicken slightly until desire consistency


This activity is good for:

•             involving all abilities of children

•             creativity and expression

•             using fingers and tools to do mark-making

•             exploring the senses and discovering new textures

•             knowledge and understanding of the world: following a recipe, mixing and stirring, combining materials and mixing colours

•             Gross and fine motor skills


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