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High Oaks Secondary


Oaklands Curriculum 

At Oaklands our curriculum is designed to prepare our students for adult life as independent, confident, resilient and happy people who are able to communicate their needs opinions and preferences within their own individual potential, participating fully as a valued member of society. We deliver the National Curriculum through a subject specialist taught timetable with a focus on subjects and skills relevant to our students lives and interests and in order to broaden their experience. We use a wide range of specialist interventions including augmentative communication, Makaton, TEACCH, Intensive Interaction, Occupational and Physiotherapy and speech and language therapy to ensure that learning is always accessible.

Our curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to facilitate learning in the areas of independence, communication and social skills, physical, and cognitive skills

Communication and social skills

We teach;

Self-awareness and an awareness of others


Self-respect and respect for others

Engagement with others

The use of language either verbal or through augmentative communication systems including Makaton, PECs, symbols and high-tech equipment

Appropriate behaviour through self-regulation and understanding boundaries and rules

Turn taking and waiting

How to form appropriate social relationships

Resilience and coping strategies



Physical skills

We facilitate;

The development of gross and fine motor skills

Mobility through the use of physiotherapy 

Physical fitness through a range of sporting opportunities

Sensory awareness and regulation











We teach students to develop;

Engagement, focus and initiative

Anticipation and Imitation

Sensory awareness

Memory and knowledge

Problem-solving and planning

Enjoyment, self-esteem and confidence

Creativity and performance







We provide opportunities and training in;

Making choices

Personal care skills including toilet training, dressing, eating and drinking, personal presentation

Road safety and travel skills

Practical life skills and home management

Use of community facilities

Functional use of literacy and numeracy

Managing leisure time

Vocational skills

Work experience






Oaklands School,
Gresham Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569

Oaklands School,
Woodlands Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569