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FAQ Page

Why are we fundraising?

Due to economic downturn local council funding from the government is being severely reduced, meaning Oaklands School needs to make up for the gap in our funding with your help. We are through sponsorship from corporate or individual fundraising activities by individual donations trying to make up for this lack of funding.

What are the objectives / goals of our fundraising?

Oakland's main objective is to ensure that enough funds are raised in order to purchase the equipment and minibuses, which are required to ensure the success of the new Oaklands school - Gresham Road project.

How can you get involved?

Please visit our website and see our great ideas for fundraising. There is no limit in the number of ways that you can help.

How can you help in terms of networking and support from the wider community?

If you know any organisations, local businesses or individuals who are seeking to support a cause then why not make them aware of the work we are doing and see if they are interested in helping us.

Support from other businesses?

Our suppliers and businesses that are known to us are a great way to raise extra funds and build on the close links we already have with them.

Support from charities and grant providers?

Charities and grant providers are great way to raise extra funds and proposals will be drawn up to apply for the various grants. Grant providers want to be able to show value for money and that there are common benefits of supporting our organisation in achieving its fundraising objectives

Contact us on 0208 560 3569

Oakland School is a registered charity (No: 1166032 - OAKLANDS SCHOOL CHARITABLE TRUST)

Our purpose is to raise awareness of disability and maximise the potential of our students by providing a safe, challenging, stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Oaklands School,
Gresham Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569

Oaklands School,
Woodlands Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569