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New Oaks Primary


At Oaklands, we strive to provide an inclusive, engaging Maths curriculum that emphasises real-world relevance. Using a range of methods, we ensure that the learning taking place is meaningful and functional to students' daily lives. Our approach considers individual starting points and ensures inclusivity and enjoyment for all whilst planning and identifying next steps in learning. The goal is to create a purposeful mathematical journey where students find meaning, functionality, and engagement to prepare for their adult lives. 

Maths at Oaklands is categorised into three strands:  

Number from concrete manipulatives such as counting beads, tactile number cards, through to written arithmetic methods;  

Shape, Space and Measure, from tactile exploration of shapes to real world context and problem solving such as capacity, sizes and quantities;  

Using and Applying, from matching shapes and colors to recognizing similarities, classifying, and sorting in real life situations such as using money. 

In Primary, the daily Maths lessons focus on developing early Mathematical skills. This includes developing an understanding of shapes, size and patterns; numeral recognition; more and less as well as building problem solving skills and developing spatial awareness. Students are encouraged to develop their curiosity by learning through play and highly motivating resources.  

Oaklands School,
Gresham Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569

Oaklands School,
Woodlands Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569