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High Oaks Secondary

NAS Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we have been re accredited as an advanced specialist provision for young people with autism by the National Autistic Society.

In January, we had a 3-day inspection that included interviews with staff, students and parents and a series of observations throughout the three days.  

It was reported that the Committee found compelling evidence from the accreditation report that the school is meeting the Specialist Award criteria to a high level of quality and consistency and that therefore an Advanced Award can be given.

Several specific strengths are identified in the assessment report. These include:

• Oaklands School use a Total Communication approach with a range of communication systems available and used functionally by students.

• Parents report that the transition into school was highly supportive and met the needs of the students.

• The job coaching and employment opportunities for students at Oaklands are exceptional,

• Students display high levels of independence with staff standing back to enable students to carry out activities with as much self-reliance as they are able.

Oaklands School,
Gresham Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569

Oaklands School,
Woodlands Road, Hounslow,

0208 560 3569