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Head Teachers May News!


As we reach the half Term point of the summer term I am writing this news on a sunny afternoon. This summer everyone at Oaklands has been busy taking the opportunities available to visit the community settings we all missed so much during the pandemic. I am delighted that sixth form students are again able to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme events this year. The Duke of Edinburgh camp is a very valuable experience for students to develop their independence skills and take the challenge of the expedition. Other classes have been enjoying a wide range of outings in the community again and you can see their news in this newsletter.

Another school favourite is the return of a live performance of this years school show. Students are already busy working on the stage set and costumes as well as rehearsals for the show. We have really enjoyed the videos for the past two years, but we also hope very much that many of you will be able to join us to watch the performance live in July.

We are no longer experiencing significant disruption in school as a result of Covid, but we are sending you the last of the tests so you can continue to keep safe by testing once a week until the end of the school year. I school we are using Government catch up funds this term to provide someone to one teaching to the young people who fell behind while unable to attend school, and we are confident that this extra teaching will help them confidently meet their end of year targets.

I do hope that the fine weather holds and that you will enjoy the half term and extra bank holiday to celebrate the jubilee in your communities.


Anne Clinton



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