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Head Teacher’s News - July 2023

Dear parents and carers


As another academic year ends I am delighted to share with you our summer newsletter. This summer term there has been a great deal to celebrate.

Sixth form students have been sitting examinations and attending the Duke of Edinburgh camp. I always enjoy visiting the students on their camp, and this year the students were particularly pleased to show me their tents, which they had pitched themselves. It has been a busy year for work preparation too with our team of job coaches successfully supporting students in a wide variety of work placements.

Students have enjoyed special events such as sports day, maths week and modern foreign languages day and cycling in Inwood park.

As usual the school show was a real highlight of the year with the students contributing to the Lion King Show. Some of the students participated on stage in front of live audiences, and others by making videos to show part of the story. Thanks as well to all the parents who came to watch the show and made it so special for the students.

We have been pleased to welcome parents into school at events and want to continue to encourage you to come into school to take part and see your children’s work.

Transition day has taken place, your child worked with their new class, the staff they will be supported by next term, and brought home a transition book to help them remember what is happening when they return to school after the summer.

As usual, we are saying goodbye at the end of term to our year 14 students. We are so proud of everything they have achieved. All of them have made progress and gained in independence to prepare them for their adult lives. We wish them all the best. We would love to hear how they get on in their next ventures.

I hope that you have an enjoyable break with your young people, and look forward to working together again next term.


Anne Clinton




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