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Prospective Parents

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We would like to welcome prospective parents to visit the school and to give an opportunity to discuss their son/daughter’s needs with a senior member of staff.

Prospective parents are invited to visit school on one Friday morning at 10.30am per term. A member of our Senior Leadership Team will be available to discuss any issues. We would appreciate it if those wishing to visit booked a place so that we know how many parents to expect. Parents are welcome to bring their son/daughter with them or not as they feel is appropriate or to bring someone else to support them on the visit e.g. a member of staff from the child’s current school. This year Prospective Parent events have been organised according to our schools:  New Oaks - Primary, High Oaks Secondary Yrs 7 - 11, Sixth form Years 12-14 and Great oaks College. Please see the table below for dates. 

New Oaks High Oaks Sixth Form

Great Oaks 

2/11/18 16/11/18 23/11/18 09/11/18
30/11/18 11/01/19 07/12/18 04/01/19
25/01/19 08/02/19 18/1/19 01/02/19
08/03/19 22/03/19 15/02/19 15/03/19
26/04/19 10/05/19 28/03/19 03/05/19
24/05/19 14/06/19 05/04/19 05/07/19
28/06/19 12/07/19 17/05/19  
19/07/19   21/06/19  

Please ring one of our Receptionists on 020 8560 3569 to make an appointment