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It is vital that our young people have many opportunities every day to try to do things for themselves. Learning to do something independently can help give your young person the confidence to do other things. Furthermore, being able to complete day-to-day activities at home is key to preparing the skills required for future employment. A reward system can help motivate your child to try new tasks.

Please explore the ideas below to support your young person with shopping.

Homeworking Activities:

  • Plan a meal that you want to cook and check which ingredients you already have
  • Writing a shopping list of ingredients that you need for your meal
  • Using a shopping list to locate items in a shop
  • Ask the right person in the shop for help if needed
  • Load and unload your trolley or basket independently
  • Pack and unpack your shopping bag independently
  • Manage your purse or wallet safely on a shopping outing
  • Manage a transaction at the checkout independently
  • Choose a suitable coin or note to pay for your purchase

Resources and Strategies:

Shopping List Template

Print this shopping list template and get your young person to write down the name of each item that they need from the shop. Encourage your young person to think about whether each item should be stored in the fridge, freezer, cupboard etc.

Aids and Adaptations:

AskSARA is an online self-help with expert advice and information on products and equipment to help with daily activities. Aids and adaptations to help with shopping can include:

  • Bag handle grips
  • Coin holders
  • Note holders

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