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Sixth Form

Sixth Form Curriculum


Functional skills

The curriculum focuses on practical real life application of number and literacy skills to make the learning meaningful for the student and prepare them for adult life.  The sixth form are accredited by NOCN for Functional skills in English, Maths and ICT.  Most of our students are at Entry 1 and some at Entry 2.  As part of Functional Maths and English the class group or small groups will visit local facilities such as supermarkets and shops to develop money skills and literacy in the community.

Life skills

The life skills curriculum follows units accredited by LASER which have elements of using functional language and number skills as well as practical skills such as using public transport, getting to know the local area, being aware of public services eg: library, doctors. Also accessing shops, shopping for ingredients, simple preparation of a meal or snack, household shopping and cleaning.

LASER UNITS KS5 (plus mandatory independent living unit)

  • Preparing a Simple Meal
  • Everyday food and drink preparation
  • Using public transport/Using Buses and Trains
  • Getting about safely
  • Getting to know your local area
  • Household cleaning
  • Household shopping


Students have one day every week of vocational options which includes horticulture, working in the school cafe, preparing meals in the food technology room for other students, Design Technology making products which may be able to be sold, bicycle maintenance, sorting out the recycling including paper and other products, cleaning work around the school and other work related activities.

The aim of the vocational day is to give all students a taste of the kinds of work they may be able to access in the community once they leave.



Work Experience – In addition to vocational options most students will have a work placement with a job coach. Some of our students have worked at WH Smith, Tesco, Flower shops, cafés, coffee shops, garden centres, car washes, Primark. Not all students are able to work off site, so they may have a placement in the school kitchen, school shop or school café.

These work placements enable students to have a real experience of work they may be able to do after they have finished their school life.

Wider curriculum

  • PE - Students take part in a variety of PE options such as using local parks for games, using the swimming pool at Oaklands or visiting a local swimming pool. We have sports activities based at school such as sessions run by London Irish Rugby RFC.
  • Art and Music – Students have weekly lessons.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – students have the opportunity to take part in camping, developing physical skills, developing practical skills and developing a sense of citizenship and contributing to the community.


Lessons focus on the specific needs of the group/student.

  • Self-care and personal hygiene
  • Keeping Safe in the community
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • Feelings and pinions

Jack Petchy – each term the sixth form vote for a young person who has gone above and beyond to achieve.


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Oaklands School,
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