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Travelling in the Community

It is vital that our young people have many opportunities every day to try to do things for themselves. Learning to do something independently can help give your young person the confidence to do other things. Furthermore, being able to complete day-to-day activities at home is key to preparing the skills required for future employment. A reward system can help motivate your child to try new tasks.

Please explore the ideas below to support your young person with travelling in the community.

Homeworking Activities:

  • Identify when it is safe to cross a road – Stop, Look and Listen
  • Use a pelican crossing (green/red man) safely
  • Use a zebra crossing safely
  • Plan a journey on public transport
  • Pay for your journey on public transport independently
  • Ask the right person for help on public transport
  • Show how to stay calm and confident on public transport
  • Talk about what to do if something goes wrong on public transport

Resources and Strategies:

THINK! Road Safety

Lots of videos, games and resources about road safety for all ages.

The Children’s Traffic Club

Click on ‘Free Activities’ to access resources and info about the app you can download for Ipad.

The Safe Cross Code Game

Choose when it is safe to cross the road in this interactive flash game.

Aids and Adaptations:

Sunflower Lanyard

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people in the community (such as transport and retail workers) that a person may need additional support, help or a little more time. They are available for free in many supermarkets and transport hubs if you ask customer service.

You can use the sunflower lanyard alongside one of the cards below for your young person to be able to ask for more support in the community if required.

‘I am autistic’ card – National Autistic Society – Autism specific


 ‘JAM (Just a Minute)’ card – For all learning disabilities


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