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We are currently welcoming donations for pre-loved, clean uniform that your child may have outgrown. This can be handed in to our school office.  

At Oaklands, we think it is important for our pupils to wear school uniform. It helps them understand that they are coming to school and that school is important. The majority of our pupils enjoy wearing a uniform.

Sixth Form pupils do not need to wear a uniform and can choose what to wear to school.


New Oaks Primary

In our primary school, pupils' uniform consists of green sweatshirts or cardigans and green short-sleeved polo shirts all with the New Oaks logo embroidered upon them. These can be worn with either dark-coloured trousers or a skirt.

Nursery students are also expected to wear uniforms.

High Oaks Secondary

In High Oaks, pupils' uniforms consist of Purple Sweatshirts, Purple Short-Sleeved Polo Shirts and Purple zip-up fleece jackets all with the new High Oaks logo embroidered upon them. These can be worn with either grey trousers or grey skirts. 

We will also accept students wearing an unlabelled version of the school uniform providing that the colours are a close match to the labelled school uniform.

Please see the attached form for more information.

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