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Sixth Form

Work Experience


Work experience gives students the opportunity to develop their work skills in preparation for employment. Students learn how to communicate more effectively; take instructions from employers; build their focus and concentration levels; interact appropriately with work colleagues as well as becoming more independent.

We are here to support our students to learn, accommodate, and perform their work duties. Job coaches support students throughout their work experience placements. In addition to working on skills related to performing specific job tasks, we also help with interpersonal skills necessary in the workplace.

  • Work experience is a requirement programme, which will develop and enhance transferable work skills.
  • Work experience takes place in a real working environment.
  • Our experienced Job Coaching department creates opportunities to gain employability skills through assisted, tailor made work placements.
  • We have a wide range of work placements offered by our locally trusted businesses such as in retail, hospitality, horticulture, pet care, animal husbandry, restaurants, catering, cafés, livestock farming, floristry etc.


In sixth form, students are actively encouraged and expected to take part in employer based work placement. Alongside their vocational profiling, it enables them to work towards their employability potential. By giving students work experiences of such variety and extent, they are more able to make informed choices concerning their next step in life.

Job Coaches







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