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Certain iPad/Tablet Apps and activities will be suitable for each student.

Oaklands School APPs and Activities 


ChooseIt! Maker3 Download Free!

You can get the activities below that say "share code" FREE by putting the share code in your copy of the Free ChooseIt! Maker3 App!

level   Levels- 1 (Foundation), 2 (Core), 3 (Advanced)  


ChooseIt! Recognise Colours

share code

1 ChooseIt! Recognise Numerals 1 and 2  


ChooseIt! Recognise 2D shapes

share code


ChooseIt! Recognise shape and colour

share code


ChooseIt! Odd one out 2D shapes

share code

2 ‚Äč ChooseIt! Big and small share code
2 ChooseIt! Big,Middle size,small share code


ChooseIt! Count the sides-2D shapes

share code


ChooseIt! Recognise coins 1p to 10p

share code


ChooseIt! Recognise coins to £2

share code

  "Numeracy App" -More Expensive

  "Literacy App" -More Expensive

  "Science App" -More Expensive



“Magic Sorter” App- matching shapes & pictures


  "Find the Same" App

  "Match it up" App



"Draw with Stars" App- early mark making



"Fingerpaint with sounds" -early mark making



"Little Writer" -tracing lines, shapes, letters & numbers



Sensory Apps
and Cause-Effect Apps




"Cause and Effect Sensory Lightbox"



"Somantics App"


  "Kaleido HD App"

  "Fluidity App"

  "Beautiful Bubbles App"

  "Awesome Xylophone App"